What is Executive Breakout?

The Executive Breakout programme has been developed by the Innovation Academy in Trinity College Dublin with a team of international academics and practitioners in the areas of innovation, creativity and leadership. This programme has been designed for middle and senior managers who want to think differently, work more collaboratively and take their team and organisations to the next level.

Implementation of theory to practice is central to the programme and participants should be committed to applying learning within their current role. Executive Breakout is a new and exciting learning experience focused on delivering impact and making a real difference.

Executive Breakout is open for expressions of interest for its next iteration October - December 2017


The Executive Breakout programme is underpinned by three core learning themes; creative thinking, high-performance leadership and disruptive innovation. The participant is positioned at the intersection of these themes; the central focus is on the development of professional and personal goals. This accredited programme is delivered over 2 months via 7 on-site days in the historic campus of Trinity College Dublin.

Participant Profile

Executive Breakout is designed for middle and senior level managers who:

  1. Want to apply creative thinking and innovation within their organisation
  2. Want to overcome challenges with new approaches to teamwork and problem-solving
  3. Want to exploit opportunities for change and influence new ways of thinking

How we do it?

We adopt an action-oriented approach by integrating theory and practice through:

  • Applying contemporary theories of best practice in innovation and leadership
  • Delivering individual and group projects in a multidisciplinary setting
  • Customised coaching support to meet your specific needs
  • Developing diverse professional networks across multiple sectors

"Very energising, very empowering and most of all very practical"

Brian Dalton, Managing Director Corporate Development, RTÉ


Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is a process taken from product design, which uses brainstorming, multidisciplinary teamwork and hands-on problem solving to bring about fresh insights. Participants learn to implement the creative thinking process in order to stimulate a more innovative mindset in their own organisations.

High Performance Leadership

Strong leadership is needed to drive change, take calculated risks and motivate colleagues. Participants will develop enhanced negotiation and influencing skills required to lead world-class teams.

Disruptive Innovation

Managing disruptive innovation is essential for organisations in order to identify opportunities and successfully compete. Participants will explore emerging organisational models and develop potential new approaches by applying theories of disruptive innovation to their own organisation.

"... an opportunity to reassess my direction and leadership. The programme format allowed real engagement with the presenters and other participants"

Pearse Corbett, Senior Project Manager, ESB International

The Team

Prof. Paul Coughlan

Professor of Operations Management, Trinity Business School

Ruth Kearney

Business Development Manager

Louise Andrews

Programme Manager, Executive Breakout, Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Dan Rogers

Programme Manager

Prof. Lizbeth Goodman

Professor of Inclusive Design for Education

Prof. Mary-Rose Greville

Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

Greg Templeton

The William J Clinton Leadership Institute, QUB

Prof. Peter Kelly

Professor of Practice, High Growth Entrepreneurship, Aalto University

Jim Stikeleather

Futurist, Innovator, Strategist, University of South Florida, Entrepreneur, Author

Dr. Linda Greve

Communications Expert


Prof. Kevin Kelly

Assistant Professor at School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Conor Hanley

President and CEO, FIRE1

Niamh Scannell

Research Director, Intel Labs Europe

Colm Lyon

CEO and Founder of Fire Financial Services Ltd

Dr. Paul Pallath

Chief Data Scientist & Director Advanced Analytics , SAP

Gavin Shorten

Business and Strategy Development Manager, IBM Ireland Lab

Lorna Ross

Director of Design at the Mayo Clinic's Centre for Innovation

Dr. Helen Shenton

Librarian College Archivist, Trinity College Dublin

Gary Leyden

Director, NDRC Launchpad

Richard Watson

Investment Manager, Venture Capital, DBIC

"a top notch 5 star rated learning experience"

Subeer Saksena, Head of Digital Marketing, Novartis



Introduction to the theory of design thinking as a strategy for facilitating innovation. Explore how to build and manage high performance teams and leverage their impact within your organisation.

Innovation Projects

Implementation is key and the Innovation Project is designed to provide you with the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams and deliver actionable solutions to real world organisational challenges.

Action Plans and Pitches

The ability to communicate effectively and influence others is finely tuned with the support of expert mentors and coaches. In order to lead with impact and grow as a person you will be expected to push boundaries and develop your personal and professional convictions.

Key Theoretical Concepts

Introduction to the key concepts of creative thinking, high-performance leadership and disruptive innovation through highly immersive and interactive workshops. The aim is to go beyond applying theory to practice and understand how you can drive a culture of innovation within your own organisation.

Outcomes: What Will You Learn?

Innovation Projects

‘Live’ Innovation Projects are a central element of the learning process and drive the programme's theoretically-informed and practice-based approach. Over the two month period participants work on two project components supported by selected industry and academic coaches. The project is generally centered around a market opportunity, a technological challenge, process innovation or simply identifying ways to cultivate innovation within organisations. The first project is the ‘Individual Innovation Project’ which is defined by the participant who provides a real challenge or opportunity facing their organisation. The second is a pre-defined ‘Group Innovation Project’ sourced from an external host organisation where participants work in multidisciplinary teams to deliver actionable solutions and recommendations.

Exploit Opportunities

Lead Change

Diversify Your Network

Dates and Fees

Part 1 17th - 20th October 2017 - 4 days
Interim : Work on Individual Innovation Project Plan and Group Project
Part 2 5th - 7th December 2017 – 3 days

*FEES €4,500 subject to prevailing VAT / GST rates.


Steps to apply for the Executive Breakout programme include

1. Fill in Expression of Interest form and one of our expert team will call you to go through the application procedures.
2. Fill in the online application form. This includes relevant information on your CV, References and an explanation of your Personal goals for applying for this programme, Company sponsorship information (if applicable) and Invoicing details.
3. Applications will be reviewed by the admissions committee and successful applicants will be notified by email regarding their acceptance.

Invigorating Ireland's Largest Corporations


It was a phenomenal experience for me and I learned a lot that has helped me hugely in my new role. I’ve been using what I’ve learned on a very regular basis

Georgina O'Leary, Director of Innovation, Research and Development at Allstate

... an opportunity to reassess my direction and leadership. The programme format allowed real engagement with the presenters and other participants

Pearse Corbett, Senior Project Manager, ESB International

Very energising, very empowering and most of all very practical

Brian Dalton, Managing Director Corporate Development, RTÉ

a top notch 5 star rated learning experience

Subeer Saksena, Head of Digital Marketing, Novartis

Executive Breakout

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Expression of Interest

Executive Breakout is open for expressions of interest for its next iteration October - December 2017

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